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From tech to tech: technological industry stories, seen through the eyes of Italian CTOs. A totally different point of view

We usually only know the final product, ignoring its true story. And the path behind it is very often long and winding, made of ups and downs, “aha” moments and epic failures. They are rarely told, especially if the story involves technical aspects, but they really open the way to innovation. There is no better academy! We invite Italian CTOs to share their experience and write together the modern history of Italian innovation

In collaboration with: GATE spa, Illuminem, Cultura Italiae, Traent/Transpar3nt

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  • Dal 10/10/2021 10:00 al 10/10/2021 12:30

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Organizzatori: Traent
Lingua: Inglese
Keywords: Economia, Tecnologia

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